NOW THAT I’M SAFE EQUINE RESCUE 501©3 is a registered non-profit
that is dedicated to the rescue, rehabilitation and re-homing of
slaughter bound and unwanted horses.
We started out taking in animals that were in peril, abused and no
longer wanted. It soon became apparent that so many of these animals
had good years left and in the right hands could be loved and have
wonderful useful lives.
Sometimes owners just could no longer care for them and they felt that
if they were sent to auction they would be sold to people that could
care for them. Unfortunately, the truth is that most would end up in kill
pens waiting to be sent to Mexico to be brutally slaughtered for human
consumption. We believe that no animal should endure this fate.
Many animals come from out of state and we work at evaluating them,
seeing what there needs are and where they may fit the best.
Adoptions are handled with an application and a contract. If an adopted
animal does not fit in it’s new home, a return will never be refused.
Please see our application and contract in the docs section.