• Holds

We will hold an animal 2 weeks with a deposit (usually $100) after 2 weeks there will be a charge for board at $5.00 per day up to a month, after that board will be 275.00 per month.

  • Delivery

We can deliver for a charge of $30.00 within 15 miles of the rescue, if a location is in a rough area that will tear our vehicles up we will not deliver, anything over the 15 miles will be charged accordingly as we will have to hire the job out.

  • Babies

If you see babies posted and they are not on our availabe page, they are NOT AVAILABLE until weaning, if we have multiple people interested in them we will have a lottery of approved homes only.

  • Returns/rehoming

Everyone is given a 2 week trial period to make sure everything is a good fit, if after the 2 weeks you are not happy or your new friend is not happy we have a no questions asked return policy, we want everyone to be happy. If after 2 weeks anything comes up and you cannot keep your new friend let us know and we will help with rehoming them.